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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  July 15, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> your teen gettinn high on a perfectly legal drug. >> they caa be hundreds of times stronger. >> what makes it so powerffl, and where your kids could be gettinn the dangerous herb.3 >> the massive oil spill in the3 %-celebration.a cause ford the >> even hottee for tomorrow. how high the temperatures will gooand when rain will move back forecast. >> simon cowelllrrplaced by brett michaels? >> i ttiik that i could deliver a great joo. >> hy the rocker said the job should be his nd when the ammrican idol tryouts will be closest to baltimore. >> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00.
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>> hello, i am jennifer gilbert3 jeff barnd is off tonight. federal authorittes bust a british citizen who has been living in baltimore.3 and using the identity of a dead ú%erican. john skeleton was usinn the alias oo kurt branham. and as kathleen cairns reports he has been living in federal hill for years. >> federallauthorities say thee3 impostee was living at this historic homm in federallhill. using the name kurt branham. a man that died in 19944 -uthorities say the suspect had a "card, a maryland driver's3 license, and a passport with his photo.3 using the dead man's game that is creepy. take over to somebody else's life like, be like i am this peeron now. >> fedeeal charging ocuments state that john skeleton obtained the passport illegally in 20055 when his flight arrived at bwi ú%urgood marshall airport from lon dog, monnay night, federal authorities were ready. they had tracked him down through a ddath match
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investigation.ú >> it orders me greatly. and as again the protector of america's border it is our job to make sure it doesn't happen. >> back in ederal hill, neighbors say they nevee suupected they haa a british imposter living oo their block.3 >> thoseepeople did not cause any grief. yoo know, nothing like that. >> for now, the real john skeleton is in federallcustody. and his neighbbrs wonder what justice hh will face. >> send him back to his own there. mayye they will punish him ver there. >> kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> police tell us john keleton was caught through the deeth where federaa authorities croos reference lists of the deceased with people hat are applying for passports. >> threeepeople are shot in baltimore city, in less thaa three hours, last night. theefirst shoooing happenee aboot 11:44 on eaat 41st in northeast baltimore. 26-yeaarold man was shot in the bacc. just 45 minutes later, police say a man was shot during an
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attempted robbery along linnerr3 avenue in northwest baltimore. that victim was shot in the back and lee. and about two hours after that, police ssy a man as shot in the leg along south schroeder street police have not maae any arrests in any f the ssootings. >> cleveland cavaliers guurd dalontai west pleads guiity to weapons charges. ú%lice say the nba player had two loaded handguns, loaded shhtgun and a laage knife, while he waa driving in the dc areaa3 last fall. he was caught with he weapons while speeding on a three wheel motorcycle. >> >> eet was sentenced to eight months of electronic monittring, ú%o years of supervised
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probation, counseling, and 40 hours of community service. ú% take a look t this tonight. ú%very dramatic difference in the oil leak aamile below the surface of the gulf of mexico. as you can see there is no oil even though gulf coast residents welcomed the neww, jonathan tells whh it is not a permanent fix. >> after threeemmnths of oilú gushing freely into the ulf, a new cap in place has stopppd crude from spilling into open waters. the news creattig a title wave of reaction among residents heree >> fantastic. probably the best news that we haveehad on the gulf coast in these areas since the bill back >> greaa.ina. about time they got it caped. >> some people still cautious on place, will work. >> we're not done.3 we're ot out of this, out of the water for sure.
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for ure. >> echoing theecaution, national incident commander retired admiral alan even though he iss3 encouraged by the evelopment criiis is not over. engineers are running a series %-seismic activity and pressure, including what to do f a hurricane strikes. bp continues to driil two relief cement in hopes of close ting for good. late july and mid august. the cap is a short-term fix. buu news hat the oil is ot spilling into the gulf. holds the possibility that livelihood that deeends on this body of water, may eventually recover. ú% grand aisle louisiana. fox ews. >> and stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the disaster in the gulf. >> congress passes the toughest restriction on banks and wall street since tte great deeression..3 the new law allows the governmenn to breakuu companies perceived to be threatening the
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and creates a new gency toohelp lenders. legislation ill help provideú economic seeurity to familiess3 and businesses. >> the demands accountability and responsibility from it ppovides certainty. to everyone from bankers to faamers, to business owners, to consummrs. and unless your business model depends on cutting corners or nothing to fear from the reformú >> president obama is expected to sign the bill into law some time next week. -> well, new ad paid for by a tea party group is under fire tonight. as the group denies claims of racism from hh naacp. keith daniels is live outssde of the naacp nationaa headquarters in northwest baltimore with the latest controversy tonight. keith? >> jennifer, ost everyone here at the naacp eadquurters here in baltimore, is in kansas city
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tonight for that annual claims of racism are causing concern. >> it is a billboard paid for by the tea party. causing controversy. it is aa ad posted in iowa, a similar one just taken down in washingttn d.c. it shows president obama in between communist leader linen and hitler. %-about the danggrs of socialis. but two opponents. >> over theelinee >> the controversy comes as the naacp passed a resolution during the kannasscity convention condemning what it said is racism, within thh tee party movement. >> al ww are calling upon the tea parry to do s really to behavior and such racist propaganda.
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>> tea party members say the naacp resslution llcks any proof to back up its charges of racism. >> i have been involved with the tea party for awhile. and i have not known or seen anyone within the tea pprty advocating this kind of behavior. we are totally against racism. >> still, the reverend jjsse jackson andal shaapton weigh-in3 convention. but down playing the issue. both ay the focus should be on jobs, for all americans. >> the media wants to concentrate on our saying that there are elements in the tea party that is racist. rather than saying the philosophy of the tea party is anti-civil rights.ú because they are proceed mounting pro state's rights on immigration, pro states rights across the board. which will turn backkthe clock of civil rrghts. so you got part of the sermon without the text. >> we would not be diverred or
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otherwise ddstracted by any other methodssexcept for the putting america back to work. we want jobs, and justice, and peace. >> well, tonight the owners have it is ssated to be removed entirely. meantime, no word n if the resolution has been withdrawn. live in northhest ballimore. keith daniels, foo 45 news at 10:00.3 thank you, keith. question of the ay..3 do you agree with the tea3 party's message. ú% far 65 ercent say yes. 35 percent say no. joshua writes on our website. standiig up to an incompetent president and his government should not beeconsiddred racist. nobody is putting thh tea paary ú%wn for existing. but for tolerating its blatantly racist members. -s know what you think. you can sound offfon facebook. send us a tweet at fox baltimore. tec us at 45203. enter fox 45 a for yys.
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fox 45 b for no and we will herú ú%re responses on the "latee3 editioo" at 11:00. >> new questions tonight about the signs most of you have -robably seen when you are outú there driving. signs like this. telling people where their stimulls money is going. well we ound this on the road going to dulles airport. anddit said $15 million project created 17 obs. do theemath. that's a little under $900,000 per job. thisssign costs $10,000. much on igns like these.s that3 for example,,with just slightly %-stimulus signs.see posted 324 some states don't pay for any signs. it is ur duty to hold the government accountable. %-our fox 45 waste watch.ining if you have a story about ú%vernment waste. call our hotline. (4100662-1455.ú and you can also go o
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on waste watch. >> and an event tonight to raise awareness and money to fight domestic violence. %-benefit the house of ruth hhld at gertrudes at the bma in north baltiiore. 500 people came to try the food and bii on auction items to %-domestic violence.fight i had the honor as seeving s3 emcee for the event. fox 44 was the proud media sponsor. wwere it is mostly teenaggrs and young kids. -> talking about fake mmrijuana. they arrestarting to ban it, but in tonight's cover story, ww will show you some of the dangers that still lurk, in ocean city's stores. >> i really think that i could be doing a great job. >> why bret michaels said he would beea great replacement for simon cowell. later on foo 45 news at 10:00. >> if you are traveling this
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summer, and you booked a hotel through one popular website. you may be in trouble. - am karen parks and i will explain in a live report. coming up. >> after a hot day today o h.d.3 radar. looking at mainly clear
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.
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martin o'malley is making the tough choices... >> popular website used forr3 finding great deals at thousands of hotels across the country. has left its customers in the dark. %-karen?. to explain what >>well, jenniferr many onsumers use 1-800-hooels.coo. behind mee at a cheaper rate.
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well, the company filed chapter 11 today. without a place to stay.andsr >> i was planning a surprise graduation present for my son, that graduated from high sccool. -> stacy jackson, that lives in halethorpe planned early. >> i booked the hotel. for the double tree at universal studios back in may. to mmke sure that i did it in advancc.ú and use 1-800-hotels to book it. >> popular website wheree3 customers pay upfront saved her but then today, weeks before her trip, she received an e-mail -rom theeagent that book hhr trip. and i need to call my credit card company asap. >> court papers say to date. more than 3600 of 1800 customers have bben affected by cancellations. in orlando this morning. >> they checked my name and
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spelling and everything. and they did not have any confirmation for me. >> i had a phhne call ffom that are taking a family vacation to wawai and maui that showed up this morning after speeding $7000 on trip and hotel reservations cancellee. >> ttoy was an agent with until he and other employeesswere escorted3 out this morning. after told thhy no longer had ú%bs. myers was the agent thht connacted stacc jackson. >> if i didn't get this e-mail from this guy that happpned to have my e-mail in his note pad frommme doing busiiess with him before i would not have known. -hapter 11 for allegedled3 outstanding debt. and suggest that is customers but one attorney said it may not be that easy to resolve. -nd creeits could ake up to a year to receive. >> put the bankruutcy court t may take longer. hotel through
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card company. most banks will issue an immmdiate redit, and start their own iivestigation. we nned to clarifyysomething. 1-800-hotelssccm, and, areetwo totally %-reportingglive in north baltimore. karen parks, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you karen. >> the housing mmrket could it a rim milestone this year. there has been more than 500,000 forecloouree so far this year. and if that pace keeps up thereú could be 1,000,000 foreclosures by the end of the year. most ever. there were more than 900,000 foreclosures last year. normally before all of this,,3 aboot 100,000 foreclooures a year. >> the communitiis around pimlico race course receive a year in financial aid from the racing industry. but s john rydell tells us, some community leaders are questioning how ttat money ii being spent.
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>> in its hey day, pimlico race course was the heart and soul of northwest baltimore. over 20 yes, the number of live racing days has dwindleedd ann merchaats along park heights avenue are feeling the pinch as well. this arber shopphas been a fixture ere or 50 yeers. owner has heard about a state funded race track impact. to help refurbiss the business knows nothing. >> we're in the dark. i have noo heard anything about any funding in years. -> recent years, nearly $500,000 in racing funds have been sent to park heights. some community leaders say it is difficult o track how the money is being spent. >> no one is making accusations of wrongdoing. simplyyinquiring where is the money being spent and ccn we get a epprt or accounting of it. >> spokesman for mayor stephanie raalings-blake said that she is
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confident that the race track impact aid is being disbursed properly. most of it goes o the nnn-profit groop park heights residents. and spokesperson said the group's finances are uddted every year and everything is transparent. >> meechants around the race course hope they receive extra revenue from slots. the money already ear marked for properly. business like we used to. the crrme rate, the rotection. we need the help. >> braxton riceesaid he wants to stay where he is. and prrserve what is now a third generation business. ú%hn rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. more money from the ssot machines by later this yyar.
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campaign challenges tte way statt budget. >> no game playing, no borrowing from the future. no, no. >> as a matter of faat we transportatioonfunding. we have not ♪ >>well, the ehrlich campaign3 wants governor o'malleyyto retract comments he made at the the campaign said that o''alley used $300 millioo in transfers, from special funds, to balance this year's budget. weeasked thh o'malley campaign and a spokesperson said perhapp retract the comments he made that he left a billion dollars surplus when he left office. when, in fact, there was a $1.7 billion sttuctural deficit that goveennr o'malley had to fix upon taking office. stay with fox 5 news for the
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latest oo the race for governor. go to and click on the vote 2010 icon in the news feature section..3 >>well, some ocean city businesses are complaining about despite the sunny weather businesses say their ottom ine is ardly bright. jjff abell hits the beach, to explain why. >> it is the height of the seasonn >> doesn't look like anybody is out there. ú% at the dough roller it is a summer with little sizzle. >> we have been down. >> owners cannoo explain it. is down 5 percenn. >> we usually have about 120 to 125 employees and i think we are so the demand ii ot there. we aae not going to put people on when we are not busy enough to need them. >> things are looking great. is painting bright picture. it has been a far sunnierer summer than last summer and
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tourists are taking advantage oo it. >> huge weekend over the fourth of july. weather is great. advaaced bookings aae up. >> mayor ccedits an dvertising blitz. despite the tough economy, ocean city has be doubled addertising budget over the past two years, with hopes of attracting more tourists and the mmyor insists it is ppying off. >> not only put us in a better3 position last two years, but as beein a better position toomove >> but on the boardwalk, with the season half ooer, it is crunch time. >> bbsicaaly six weeks crunch here. kids back to school. and we hope for a great september. >> in ocean ccty, the verdict on theeseason is still out. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >>well, ocean city raised room tax by one halffof a percent to pay for its new advertising campaign. >> wwll, temperatures ure are getting hht again. we're hitting 90 degrees, nd higher, and it even feels a loo
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we found aaguyythat was braving the hht sun. there he is. game of frisbee golf at druid hill park today. and today was theebeginning of the next heat wave.ú chief meteorologist vytassreid is hhre with a look at the sky >> that was a hot game of frisbee. i will temperatures soaring into the 99s today. regional temperatures are at 85 degrees. in baltimore. ú% it is kind of warm. but right now sitting at 85. 83 in hagerstown. 811harrisburg. temperatures in the 70s on the so not too bad there. but we willlsee the heat return. as we get through the day tomorrow. but for the first partt we are looking on h.d. radar. ú%u can see mainly clear conditions. few igh thin clouds. warm air ttat, will continue to %-we will see the heat return wh a vengeance through the day. clear skies. and that number will continne to go up. as we get later innthe day, how hot it will get in the forecast coming up. >> ttank you, vytas. %-your own personalized forecas. i-radar is available at
10:25 pm interactive tools to track any of those coming storms this summer. right own to your street.3ú go to and click on i-radar. >> later oo fox 44 news at 10:00. the controveesial new clothing line launched by one store that %->> they can be hundreds of tis strrnger. than the regular drug. >> but neet. the dangerous fake ddugs still in oceen city stores.33;
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>>well, of course, there is sun -nd fun at the beach this summer in oceanncity. but there is also an herbal substance that kids are smoking to get high. the shore for oor cover story. summer haze. >> ocean city maryland.3 a popular summer hot spot, with restauuants and shops. it is where families cooe to
10:29 pm
bask on the beachh. but now, it is also where teens areegetting high. >> and they are selling ii on the boardwalk, where it iss3 mostly teenagers, and yoong marijuana.alled synthetic and it is getttng teens a buzz at the beach this ssmmer. >> this is a synthettc product that mimics the main ingredient in marijuana, that gets you high.3 %-unner the brand names of k-2, black magic, and spice. just to name a few. and it is made from harmless herbs, that are coaaed with chemicals, aad then t is smoked. mike gimbal is a substance abuse expert and former drug czar inú baltimore county. stronger. than the regular drugs, because there is no control. it is being made for one reason only. that's to make money.
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you know, to sell it to kids. %-heaath,,safety, welfare of the community. for our residenns and visitors. >> popular herbal mixture has already caught the attention of authorities in ocean city. and including the mayor. >> it is justtnot a product that we feel is cooducive to what we're offering here in cean city.ú >> anything that could possibll city, is alarmiig. and ww want to make sure that we monitor that. >> after complaints and concerns ocean city outlawed salvia. ttis summer, synthetic marijuana, that is legal in 42 statess could beenext. >> we're not going to have different substances banned than we package under different name3 %-that's just not going to happn at ocean city. >> ss we tooo a stroll doon the strip. >> i belieee ii you go up on the boardwalk, or nywhere else, today. you will nottfind thattproouct. >> we could not find k-2 for sale.
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because theecity asked retailers to stop selling it. but instead forr ust 25, we were offered 1 gram of pprple haze spice, fromma shop along the boardwall. >> we have been going out to the %> tte clerk that sold uu their %-high, at least, five times a stronger than marijuana. >> what they are smoking, with this purple haze, spicee k-2, ii much stronger thhn marijuaaa. more dangerous than marijuana. and causes many more side %->> the packaging which descrid spice as innocense promises 100 percent satisfaction, and described it as a pure herbal blend. of rganic botanicals andd3 extracts. but also warnnd users to avoid the producc when driving, or operating machinery. it is a substaace nder
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scrutiny. but it is still for sale in %-summertime playground. when people come down here we have no incidents where someone is harmed because of k-2..3 >> in ocean city, joy epola, fox 45 news at 10:00. -> ocean city officials tell us inthetic marijuana and what other jurisdictions arr doing about it. >> it is sad. but it ii a reality. >> teen maternity wear. coming up. the clothing store that is now selllng it. and the mixed reaction it is gettingg ú% apple's i-phone woes, whatt3 the company may say about thh antenna problems, ext in the "word on the web". ú >> kind of how the there today. but it will get hotter tomorrow. show you the tempe d@@@
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>> here we go again with the hoú weather vytas. >> yeah, onceeagain, ú%mperatures are goong up. mercury will be oo the rise. and humiddiy as ell. so the heat index will feel uncomfortable. so if you have a pool to get to. >> this is the time to do it again. >> or air conditioning. here is what is happening out ttere. lookiig at the hd skycam, toward the beautiful inner harbour. ú%t much going on. but a warm night. temmeratures are not cooling you off much. sitting at 80 right now. windssare cclm. %-percent.midity levels at 76s pressure at 0. and we wwll continue to see that pressurize as we see high pressure uilding in from the southwest. and that's going to continue to allow for us to stay cool, or not cool but clear. and it looks like we will see the temperatures going up. looking aa the high today of 95. we did not quite break a record of 102 back in 1995. no preciiitation to talk about. ú%ouds out there. were a few
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for the most part it looks like there will be a slight chance for rain down the road on friday nnght to saturday. i will show you where that is ccming from in a moment. %-show the temperatures in the temperatures getting into tte 80s and some 70s scattered in the area. ú% tomorrow afternoon, this is the model data showing noon. temperatures aroond 93 degrees. and it will continue to wwrr through the late afternoon. so we could see uuper 90s for tomorrow's highs. biggee picture shows the temperattres across the region. 77 in new yorr. 85 in baltimore. lloking att83 in richmood. -ack southwest. still in kentucky.n the hot note and tennessee. and we are drawing in some of that heat as the high pressure sits down to the south. what we will see happen is area3 of high pressure with the clockwise rotation bringgup the airr thhough the day tomorrow.we go looking at all of the warmth across the mid-atlantic. that mid-atlantii air gets into the upper 90s. we have a front that isssitting back over parts offthe midwest. firing up hunderstorms.
10:37 pm
blocking some of the moisture for the next day. until ate in the afternoon nd late in the eveningg until we lose some of the afffcts of the high pressure. ss future scan shows the potential for shhwers ate evening friday. scattered and isolated and oo saturday. and thhnderrtorms. not a rain out. but still, take an umbrella with you if ou are outt i you are going to art scape. and beach cast..3 ocean city, 86 on friday.ú saturday, 40 percent chanceefoo showers and thunderstormm.ú and sunday, a he 20 percent chance. with temperatures at 88. so it will be aanice warm dayy3 out theee to walk in the sand. here back at home. %-83 o 80 degrees right in that picture. looks like warm and muggy out there. and then for tomorrow.3 plentyyof sunshine. hot temperatures. not ruling out a chance for an %-look at the temperature.storm. 97 degrres.3 it is going to be a hot one. and then 94 on saturday. 92 sunday. monday,,tuesday, looer 90s. with a chance for pop-up shower here and there.
10:38 pm
back to you. >> it is a trendy clothing store that the young girls love. forevee 21. you have seen it in the mall. but you may not believe the nnw line they have launched. -ind of a shocker. since their primary market is %eenagers, it seems anyway. maternity line is not specifically targeted to teenagers but any mmms to be that want to be fashionable aa an affordable price. aad one family therapist said do not blame the store. it is ust a sad statement onú >> thee are theee to try to sell to a certain market. and the fact that thhre ii that ú%rket there is not reelly their problem or issue. 35 percent of its ccstomers re older than 24. >> and apple ii opening up about %-i-phone.3ems with its latest in tonight's "word on the eb". company is addressinggcustomer
10:39 pm
ú%judy?nts. >> perhaps trying to put a lid on what seems like a pr nighhmare. apple plans to hold a press conference omorrow on the i-phone 4. ssncc debuting in junn, it has gotten buzz foo the wrong ú%asons. customers complained of bad reception bbcause wwat have hey call a designnflaw with the antenna. some filed class action %-appleeis keeping it will say a ú%e confereece under wraps could a recall be in theeworkss realisticallyyi doubttthey would go for a full recall. and i think, you know, second best thing they coull do would be to announce a rrpair program. that said if you run intoothis problem, weewill fix it for free. i think, the most likkly solution is that they will start to send case to say everyone. frankll i would be shocked iff3 they did not,,at leass, that goú far. >> apple sold nearly 2,000,000 i-phone 4s in the first three days on sale. company said it is the fastest selling device in its history. and ou can be the first to know about breakinn news, severe
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weather and traffic with fox 45 mobile news. get text alerts right on your phone. sign up now on or text wbff to 45203. i am judy urtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> i really think that i cculd deliver a great job you know the one thing is i am truly living it from the ground up. >> brett michaels, the new simon cowell?3 why the rock legend said he is -he right man foo the judgeing job. next.
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romaine letups. fresh express said some of the salad products may be contaminateed with e.coli. the bags in question are already expired but people maa have them. they have used by dates of jjly 8 through the 12th. now so far there were no reports for more innormation on the recall go to links. >> johns hopkins tops thh list of the nation's top hospitals. the hospital rankee in the top five in 15 out of 166categories annual survey done by u.s. news and world report. the 20th year in a row that hopkins has taken the top spot.
10:44 pm
>> legendary rock n' roller to bree michaels wants the job. casey james at the idol finale. lovee the experrence and think he is the man to fill the seat. especially after several critical healtt scares ii the past year. >>i keep a positive spirit and i am thankful for the well wishee aad, i think, i cculd give an honest answer,,on music and naaigating the business of being and having a long career. >>well, michaels has a new solo c d out called custom built.ú >> hard to believe but that the auditioo for season 10 of idol are underway. now the closest ocatton to3 baltimooe is in east rutherford new jersey at the izod center.3 >> one of the orioles ttp young
10:45 pm
playyrs is placed on the disabled ist. how lonn matt wieters will be out, next in "sporrs unlimited". >> and coming up in 15 minutes on the "late edition". a program to help rehabilitate ssck horses, that just begann3 last week, is alreedy over. whyyfemale inmates will not e caring for the horses. ú% nd he is in jail, for blackmailing david letttrman. why that might not keep him from winning a presttgious award. us at 11:00. ú
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks ike starting with the bay caat. we will see sunnn, hot, humid conditions tomorrow. with the temperatures around 96 degrees. so if you are going out on the bay, it will be hot. but keep your er close to the weather radio. you could get a pop-up showerror %-afternoon. late in he winds out f the southwest at five to 10. 1 foot chop on thh bay. downtown looking at 79. potential. we may get a few pop-up showwrs and thunderstorms through the a chance for some shooers as well. 30 percent chance. 90 for the high. 92 sunday with plenty of ssnshine. monday loooing at 93 with more and then maybe a slight chance for another pop-up shower toward the early part of next week. tuesday, but as you notice in the seven day planner.
10:49 pm
everything shows temperatures in the 90s. our normal temperature are in.3 the upper 80s. so we're above normal. >> we did notice. thank you, vytas. >>well, the orioles off aggin tonight but there is big injury news from the warehouse. bruce cunningham joins us with "sports unlimited". >> oming up onn"sports unlimited". matt wieters is not aving the sophomore yyar he was hopingú for. now he would e side line. the player that likely takeehis place on the roster. talk about that. %-and backing up joe flacco andf he expect to say start forefront line job. >> and kristen berset goes one-on-one with stalllorth, ow -s the off season and what is %-flacco.ionship like with joe that's coming up. "sports unlimited" starts right now.., >> yet aaother orioleetoothe dissblee list and this is one of their crown e


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